GEOPOLITICS is the latest offering from Newsline Publications Pvt Ltd.

It’s a classy product, brilliant graphics, quality editorial content, visionary leaders from business, industry, strategic affairs and diplomacy now write exclusive columns for Geopolitics. It’s an unputdownable product.

With a Rising India becoming one of the acknowledged and indispensable powers of the world, global leaders are now frequent fliers into India. There is also a rising, strong community of overseas heavyweights — diplomats, officials of the various world bodies and leading multinationals residing in India. Geopolitics will provide a forum for this significant and high profile community to express its views on a wide range of issues from international diplomacy to multilateralism to doing business across time zones.

Simultaneously, GEOPOLITICS is also the forum through which the Indian strategic community (Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Defence, PMO, senior business leaders, universities and think tanks) can speak to the world. Thus, GEOPOLITICS is a unique monthly targeted at executive government and executive business, as well as individuals who need to understand how India and rest of the world are interacting.

The magazine is dedicated to high quality analysis and commentary on events occurring in India and rest of the world. It provides expert coverage on:

  • India and global geopolitical trends;
  • India vis-a-vis global wealth, trade, business and financial markets.
  • Defence and intelligence.
  • Airlines, Airport Developers
  • Environment, human security and development.
  • Happenings and events in diplomatic missions and multinational premises.
GEOPOLITICS is read by decision-makers and policy-makers involved in India’s National Security
  • Bureaucrats and Diplomats
  • Top-ranking officers from the Armed Forces, Para-military and Police Forces
  • Leaders in the Industry
  • Institutions and Think-tanks